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Being assigned to a foreign country may produce changes in the family structure and there is an important period of transition for all the family members. During this process it can be difficult to find the right school for your children. We will be glad to help you.

The objective of this service is to make this tough job easier to parents so they can focus on their children, making sure they receive all the attention needed in this transition.

School advisory for expats in Buenos AiresThe service consists on a specialist:

Making a recommendation taking into consideration the wide variety of schools.

Taking into account the family’s preferences and requirements (as sports, languages, religion) and the available budget.

Searching the school that best suits according to the capacities and potential of the child. These will help his/her integration to school and culture where he/she will be part of.

The procedure will have different phases:

1. Introduction of the specialist for the education advisory:
There will be a first contact where the Relo agent will explain the following steps in relation with the school’s search. Updated school’s reports from the school the child was attending in his country will be asked for.

2. Sending school’s form:
Family’s profile will be studied (School’s preferences, requirements, needs, etc.).

3. Meeting the family:
In these step, the Relo agent will present to the family the selected alternatives that meet their expectations and the family profile. These possibilities will be adapted to what has been observed in order to select the adequate option.

4. Helping and advising admission’s procedure:
The Relo agent will provide all the necessary information for the admission’s procedure and will collaborative to fill in the inscription forms, if requested.

College and Universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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We have a broad range of properties focused on foreigners and their needs: temporary rent, fully equipped and furnished, with maid service and in strategic locations.
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Relocation services

Relocation servicesWe ensure the transferee and his family a simple and agile settlement, diminishing the impact of the "cultural shock" and giving them support during their staying in Argentina.

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We are a professional team with more than 20 years of solid experience in business development, investment advisory, real estate trading and relocation services for foreing businessmen, diplomats and their families that have to temporary live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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