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Rentalcorp Property Consulting Argentina - Apartments in Buenos Aires

Property and services administration and assistance

We assist the expatriate and the company in the process of the moving day and in the end of the rent. The transferee post-relocation assistance services offer the transferee the possibility that our company handle all the administrative duties regarding the property rent and maintenance once the family is settled. The service includes:

Assistance in the administration of monthly payments such as rent, security and public services and private fees of schools and clubs, among others.

Assistance to buy or hire furniture and electrical appliances.

Assistance to arrange for services installations and utility connections such as Internet, private security, etc.

Assistance to look for domestic staff.

Rental contracts renegociationRenegociation of rental contracts

We provide the following service:

Negotiation of the terms to renovate the Rental Contract.

Issue the new renovation contract to be signed.

Setup all the steps to sign the extension of the rental contract.

Assistence in returning of the property and guarantee

In certain occasions this process may result a bit conflictive and may extend itself too much throughout time, turning it hard to solve.

For that, we have established a procedure that lets us anticipate the possible complaints of the landlords related to the property, negotiate together its resolution and in this way we can accomplish the retrieval of the deposit, given in guarantee, not only quicker but also a more economic way for the enterprise.

Rentalcorp developed a process to get in charge of landlords’ complains with anticipation, negotiate them, estimate the cost and find the simplest and cheapest solution for the enterprise.


About Rentalcorp Property Consulting

We are a professional team with more than 20 years of solid experience in business development, investment advisory, real estate trading and relocation services for foreing businessmen, diplomats and their families that have to temporary live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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